Friday, June 19, 2009

This image represents to me my clinging to my daughter's being 'little'. She has these hands with dimples, and when I complain that she is growing up too fast, she just shows me her hands and I calm down. As long as they look like this, Ill be okay. It is a losing battle, I know. But its this image I feel joy in capturing. I had it in color and then once i posted it on here, i realized i hated it in color. I feel Black and White makes it more nostalgic, timeless, and takes out the seasonal distraction.

Andrew, my youngest, climbing his trees. Its all in the eyes.

From my own garden.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stage Door London

I took this photo 2 years ago in London. We were just walking around and things like this were catching my eye. Doors in particular are magnificent in London! But this unassuming door inspires me. I left it small because I actually use it for cards and want to keep it for my usage and perhaps if you would like I could sell it to you!